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  • In Bolsena you can spend a wonderful relaxing and amusing holiday, and you can discover the history and the ancient traditions of the Medieval town.
    These uncontaminated places, in which time seems to stop, receive the tourist with their beauty and warmth. Each day can be different from the previous one. You can play sports, go hiking, discover and enjoy the countless and breathtaking landscapes.

    There is a wide choice of activities including the classic water sports such as sailing, fishing, swimming and scuba diving.

    Do you prefer dry land activities? No problem!

    There are interesting and funny activities such as mountain bike, trekking, horseback riding and tennis.

    If you want to admire the beauty of the lake from another point of view, you can enjoy a boat sightseeing tour.

    In Bolsena you can find excellent pizzerias, trattorias and restaurants, where you can taste many local specialties such as the lavaret, a famous fish of the local traditional cooking.

    Otherwise, if you love sweets, there are several café-bars, pastry shops and ice cream parlors, where you can taste delicious homemade ice creams, original cocktails and a wide selection of coffees you can drink while you’re admiring unforgettable landscapes.

    Bolsena offers not only a variety of landscapes, but also many popular and traditional festivals such as Infiorata Flower Festival of Corpus Domini (Infiorata del Corpus Domini) – carpets and paintings made of flowers in one day in the main squares and in the narrow streets of the Medieval district – and The Mysteries of Saint Christina (Misteri di Santa Cristina): a sacred and very ancient performance involving more than one hundred amateur actors with silent and still scenes on stages, which are arranged in the five main squares. The festival always ends with spectacular fireworks above the lake, which create an amazing and unforgettable scenery. Other important festivals: Hydrangeas Festival (Festa delle Ortensie), the third weekend of June, Bolsena Biennial Embroidery (Biennale Bolsena Ricama), Medieval Festival (Festa Medievale), the second weekend of August, and the Festival of Music and Classical Dance: Emozioni d’Estate.

    Many points of historical and cultural interest are unmissable and fascinating: Territorial Museum of Bolsena Lake (Museo Territoriale del Lago di Bolsena) - built in the Rocca MonaldeschiBasilica of Saint Christina (Basilica di Santa Cristina), Catacombs, Archeological Excavations, Saint Francis Theater (Teatro San Francesco), Piccolo Teatro Cavour, Art gallery, and since 2011, the Freshwater Aquarium (Acquario di Acqua Dolce), unique of its kind in Central Italy.

    In the city you can choose the accommodations you prefer in order to satisfy your needs. There are excellent facilities: comfort and satisfaction of the customer is our first priority. We have hotels, which have a panoramic view and classy structures, agritourisms, for those who desire relax and the direct contact with the amazing country around. For the younger generation we have hostels, bed and breakfast, and rental vacation houses: all the facilities are comfortable and prepared with attention to the smallest details.

    On the coasts there are many campsites which, over the years, have improved their accommodation capacity meeting the needs of more demanding customers.

    Bolsena offers a world to discover…

    If you need any further information and you don’t know how to get around during your stay – although people of Bolsena, shop keepers and professional tour operators are hospitable – you can contact the Tourist Office which will help you.

    An itinerary to discover Bolsena and its biggest volcanic lake in Europe

    For a “typical day” in our city, we suggest:
    Quartiere Castello with a visit in the Territorial Museum (Museo Territoriale) of Bolsena lake, Aquarium, the Towers and the Roman-Etruscan excavations of Poggio Moscini. Going down along “le Piagge”, following Via Francesco Cozza, toward Piazza San Giovanni, take the ancient Via Francigena, Piazza San Rocco, Borgo, Via Cavour and reach Piazza Matteotti. The old town center and the lakefront have several rest areas and excellent restaurants to taste the local cuisine.

    From Piazza Matteotti continue to follow the path of Francigena along Corso della Repubblica to visit Basilica of Saint Christina (Basilica di Santa Caterina), Catacombs, Altar of the Eucharistic Miracle (Altare del Miracolo Eucaristico - “Altare delle Quattro Colonne”), Palazzo di Tiberio Crispo (by reservation only).

    For water, nature and sports lovers:
    - If you love water you can enjoy the lake and the services offered at the tourist port (boat trip around the lake), nautical clubs (sailing, water skiing, windsurf, boat rental services, canoes), beach resorts and free beaches.
    - If you love nature you will find that “Volsinii” hills around Bolsena are full of vegetation: oaks, chestnut trees and hornbeams are often deeply rooted on the ruins of ancient human settlements and Etruscan necropolises. Many springs and brooks flow into the lake. Turona Park (“Parco Comunale di Turona”) - Via Cassia Sud - has areas and equipment for picnic.
    - If you love sports you can use the municipal facilities such as tennis court and five-a-side football pitch or request the guide “Walk and Bike” at the Tourist Information Office, which suggests paths for walking and cycling.


    Our tourist guides:

    - GUIDOTTI MARIAPACE - TEL. 333/9143348 mariapaceguidotti@gmail.com
    - MONCELSI ROBERTO - TEL. 335/7383714 roberto.moncelsi@gmail.com
    - OVIDI CESARETTA - TEL. 338/9432710 cesaretta@gmail.com
    - ZUCCONI GIULIANA - TEL. 333/2825533 giuliana@bolsenaturismo.it
    - DOTTARELLI LORENA - TEL. 338/5682903 lorenadottarelli@virgilio.it
    - MOSCINI SERENA - TEL. 346/8175990 bolsenatour@gmail.com
    - ANNALISA PARRANO - TEL. 348/8848318 annalisa.parrano@gmail.com

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